Native Bee Workshops

Saturday 14th October

Dr Megan Halcroft specialises in native bees but is also passionate about the other beneficial insects in our environment. The native bee workshop, to be held on Saturday 14th October in Young, will introduce participants to the fascinating world of bees. Megan will speak about why bees and other insect pollinators are the driving force behind biodiversity and a balanced sustainable ecosystem. She will address the pollination and other ecosystem services provided by insect populations, and how our food security depends on them. The hands-on component of the day will include observing, catching and identifying some of the insects in the local area. Participants will learn what to look for when trying to identify bees and other insects and whether they are beneficial or pest insects. Participants will also learn how to protect and support our bees by knowing what to plant and how to create havens and habitat for existing populations.

Flyer – Native Bee Workshops

Growing the Bottom Line Field Trip

Thursday 19th October

Join Young District Landcare on a field trip to David Marsh’s property ‘Allendale’ Boorowa. David has a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture and is an award winning farmer, conservationist and change agent. The day will explore the production benefits of improving on-farm biodiversity and will also include a presentation and paddock walk with Nicki Taws, Project Manager at Greening Australia. Nicki works on the restoration of woodland and grassland habitat, and has a particular interest in birds.

Flyer – Growing the Bottom Line Field Trip

Young District Landcare Annual General Meeting

6 pm Thursday 19th October 2017

Please send apologies and nominations for committee positions to:
Anna Hart at phone 0428429955
Mikla Lewis at phone 0499199016

Healthy Soil for Healthy Farms – Soil Health Workshops

LachLandcare is the umbrella organisation that represents Landcare in the Lachlan catchment. Their project, Healthy Soil for Healthy Farms, aims to develop the understanding of soil health throughout the Lachlan catchment. LachLandcare is hosting six soil health workshops (including near Young) that will have a practical, hands-on approach and will include the following key aspects:

  • Understanding and assessing soil health and biology
  • Reading soil tests with confidence
  • Making decisions for improved nutrient management and soil health

The workshops are being run by David Hardwick from Soil Land Food. David has over 20 years experience in sustainable agriculture, and a high level of technical knowledge.

For more information about the workshops click here. To register, click here.