Young District Landcare is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that is committed to managing and protecting our natural resources by supporting farmers to be more productive and sustainable, and conserving our environment. Our group has been part of the Landcare movement continuously since 1990-91, with the commencement of the Decade of Landcare. With about 150 supporters and members with a deep commitment to volunteering, our organisation is governed by a voluntary Management Committee who provide their time and energy to help guide the Coordinator and meet on monthly basis.

Key to our organisation is capacity building within our landholder network that helps to build resilient communities. We provide workshops and information days that engage, educate and bring like-minded people together in a friendly learning environment. In 2016 we established three working groups to organise and facilitate activities, ran six events and working bees and continued our three-year Microbats in the Young District project. By providing an extensive range of activities we engage a broad spectrum of the local community, increasing our membership and supporter base each time.

Young District Landcare is part of the LachLandcare regional network which was founded in 2009 as an umbrella organisation to represent grassroots Landcare throughout the Lachlan catchment.

Young District Landcare covers the area of the former Young Shire Council (now Hilltops Council) and is comprised of almost 270,000 hectares. It includes the townships of Koorawatha and Bimbi to the north, Bribbaree and Milvale to the west, Murringo to the east, and just beyond the small town of Boara to the south. View a map here.